Love is in the Air

Yes, it is the time. Valentine’s day in coming. The hustle the bustle of getting a blooming, plush, chocolaty treat for your sweetheart and loved ones.

Some folks will do an internet search to find flowers for their honey. Many will come across posts from 800Flowers, FTD, or other order gathering services (emphasis added).

This blog post is intended to help you make informed decisions about your flower purchases. Yes, I know that sounds a bit silly. But many folks don’t know the actual process when using a flower order gathering service.

Flower order gathering services advertise on the internet. They post pretty pictures of roses and list pricing as cheap as $22 for a dozen red roses.

I am here to tell you to avoid these services at all cost. Use your local flower shop by name. Some great shops in Tampa have been around for decades. Certainly there are shops all over the US that have been in business and are listed on the internet by a flower shop search.

Order gathering services charge the receiving florist 30% of the price you pay them to get the order; meaning if you spend $100 on an order to ProFlowers, 800Flowers or the like only $70 of that actually is received by the flower shop. Wouldn’t you rather shop local and see the benefit of the that additional $30?

Another tip to remember is that growers and wholesalers increase the price of roses (and flowers in general) during this time of year. Red roses are at a peak price at wholesalers. That is why your roses cost more than another time of year. It is not the flower shop trying to take advantage.

So this lovey, kissy holiday, shop local help your neighborhood florist keep the revenue you spend on goodies for your honey.

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