19.0915 Flower Chronicles

This past week’s weather has been kind in spite of all the storms brewing. It is good to have full use of my Starbuck’s sidewalk spot back.

It is great to see regular customers who have decided to make flowers part of their self care and show of affection to others.

I was able to share bouquets with Meals on Wheels which provides the much needed service of meal delivery to home bound folks. FlowerFive is proud to bring a little joy into the hearts of folks who are unable to get and smell the flowers.

The Ybor Saturday Market is picking up traction and I look forward to bringing some beauty into the lives of market goers. The chickens are a great attraction at the Ybor Market; especially the baby chicks.

Next week I plan to pick up flowers in fall colors if only to mark the event visually in Tampa; since we don’t have the change of colors in this subtropical climate. Days are still hot here but breezy. Maybe due to the storms that may be heading our way.

October will bring more opportunities to pick up your $5 flowers because I will be at the Sweetwater Organic Farm Sunday Market.

Starbuck’s and Ybor Saturday Market will continue through the fall. Be sure to check where to get your bouquets at the Find Flowers page for days and times.

I am available for wedding and event consultations by appointment.

Persevere and flower on….

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