Valentine’s Day Best Practices


Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days a florist will have during their entire year. It is the day that millions of people buy roses, chocolate and jewelry as an expression of their love and affection.

The last year I worked in a flower shop during Valentine’s Day was 2018. It was a super tough year because on the 10th of February I was involved in a car collision that has forever changed the way I work.

Yes, a little dramatic but how else do you describe not being able to stand for your seven hour shift that has actually been as long as 15 hours during a holiday at a flower shop?

I was getting a ton of calls on my mobile phone (often being reachable is a gift and a curse) ever since the wreck. My car was totaled and apparently contact information was shared with the used car sales people at the rental company.

The sales person was trying to sell me a used rental retired car. He was totally disregarding the fact that I was at work. When I told him I could not talk because it was Valentine’s week he corrected me. Because he, like many folks fail to understand that Valentine’s Day is more than one day. In fact, it is more than one week.

This year is the first year I am vending flowers on my own at pop ups and street side around Tampa. I reserved my flowers for Valentine’s day in the middle of December 2019. Yes, preplanning is a big deal.

That is what brings me to the real subject of this post, ordering early and even giving/having the flowers delivered during the week of Valentine’s day. Yes, you may be thinking to yourself “No, I want my sweetheart to get flowers on the big day.”

Valentine’s day 2020 is on a Friday. Consider giving/sending flowers to be delivered during the week. Think about it this way. Giving flowers on Monday means that your sweetheart has all week to enjoy the flowers at their work station. Worried the flowers won’t last? Then send them on Wednesday. Celebrate on Saturday if your two schedules are complicated on Fridays.

The most important things to consider with day of flowers:

  • The flowers you may want could be gone (even if you have ordered early).
  • The florist may have the arrangement ready but the temporary driver has flubbed up the delivery.
  • The delivery may not get out at all due to the sheer number of them all and the limited hours in a day.
  • The order may get mixed up with another. (Yes, it happens.)

Some things to consider when giving/sending flowers this year:

  • Make sure the address is right
  • Be certain the directions to the office building/apartment are easy. (Some office parks and apartments are a nightmare.)
  • If your sweetheart is not at the location. Be certain to have a way to leave the flowers that is safe and reliable.
  • Balloons pop and are a nightmare to deliver.
  • Be nice. These florists and drivers have been working likely 12 to 15 hour days in preparation for this day. (I once worked at a florist that would buy the designers lunch just so we would not leave.)

It would be GREAT to:

  • Buy local
  • Shop small
  • Go to your market and buy handmade locally sourced items that help our community
  • Spread some sunshine with fresh flowers
  • Order from your local florist NOT 800Flowers, FTD, Teleflora, ProFlowers and many more. (You will get better service and flowers at the price you paid.)

That is it in a nutshell.

Be safe.

Send love.

Give some Flowerishness and flower on….

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