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Send a little flowerishness via a gift card.

Flowerfive is now offering gift cards in $5 increments. Cards include sales tax and surcharge of ~3% plus $0.30 transaction fee OR send a check and a printed card will be sent plus postage.

Shop Flowerfive gift cards.

Shop and Share local small businesses who offer gift cards.

Lift up local small business by Sharing and Shopping at these locations who offer gift cards. Below is a downloadable list of local entrepreneurs who offer gifts cards.

Please Share with your friends and family. Please Shop local.

Submitted Press Release

Entrepreneurship graduate and Flowerfive founder uses her savvy to get local small businesses more attention this holiday season.

  • Linda Quinn, Chief Petal Pusher at Flowerfive listened to her muse
  • She has drafted a repository of local small businesses who offer gift cards in an effort to ensure more holiday revenue where it is needed most
  • The spark was a post on Facebook which read “spend your dollars this holiday by buying gift cards from local small business.” The list will go live the first week of November
  • Most businesses listed are in Seminole Heights Tampa
  • This is a way to help small local business by doing something folks do every year. It is the one size fits all way to give a gift to loved ones and favorite local businesses.

October 27, 2020 TAMPA, FL

COVID has hurt a lot of small businesses. Historically big box and corporate stores get the lion’s share of holiday shoppers. Small local businesses are still at risk of losing everything in more ways than one this holiday season. The really challenging component of celebrating the holiday during a pandemic is everyone is struggling this year. There are so many vying for the holiday shopper’s dollars—many folks are still struggling but want to have some semblance of a holiday. The great thing about this idea is folks give a gift to two people…your loved one and the store where you bought the gift card.

“give a gift to two people…your loved one and the store”

Quinn came up with this idea after seeing a post on social media which suggested shopping at local small businesses this holiday season. Quinn, who has owned a community franchise newspaper, a photography business and now a mobile flower buggy came up with an idea to get more dollars flowing into the cash registers of small local businesses—primarily in the Seminole Heights area.

“…get more dollars flowing into the cash registers of small local businesses…”

Quinn holds a master’s degree in entrepreneurship from USF. This area of study has developed her ability to adapt more keenly. Quinn belongs to a few different Facebook groups and posts about her mobile flower buggy at host locations. The first step in giving back was to add a “Host Location Page” to the Flowerfive website in hopes of generating more exposure to the buggy hosts. But she wanted to do more….Her muse nudged at her to help fellow small business owners by spreading a list of local small business who offer gift cards. Gather those business names and contact information in one repository in order to share it on social media in the form of a *.pdf document.

“The first step in giving back…help fellow small business owners”

Response took a bit to gain traction. But there are 27 businesses on the list so far. The list may grow even longer as more folks see Quinn’s post on Facebook and Instagram. The hope is to share this list like the old Faberge commercial …”I told two friends, then they told two friends and so on and so on…” 

Flowerfive was founded in June 2019 by USF business school graduate and finalist at the 2016 ACG (Association for Corporate Growth) Cup competition Linda Quinn. @flowerfivenow has a novel approach to floristry by offering curated $5 flower bouquets curbside and at host locations in Tampa once a month to once per week Friday to Sunday. Flower buggy stock rotates each week and usually includes a combination daisies, mums, carnations, mini carnations—in addition to special deals like spray roses and sunflowers. At the end of each week (on Tuesday or Wednesday) left over bouquets are donated to local 501(c)3 charities or small businesses. The goal is to spread smiles by making flowers affordable for every day since clinical data supports the presence of flowers improving outcomes and mood.

Linda Quinn aka Flower Lady

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