About Me

I fell into flowers while working at a high end salon in a popular mall. I was cutting hair five days a week and working in the flower shop next door two days per week. The flower shop and salon were owned by the same person.

One day the full time florist failed to show, no call…nothing. At that point I inherited the full time position; working open to close, mall hours, seven days a week. I was responsible for all operations at that florist shop.

My next flower shop position was at Outta Ma Tree, a well respected, large shop which had been in business for 25 years at the time. My time there started with a type of internship and evolved into me being the only staffer who could literally do any job in the shop, from flower design, to shopping for and making fruit baskets and helping walk in customers to making deliveries in the company van. 

When I left that employ I was the lead bridal consultant. I made 80% of all bridal bouquets and 90% of all corsage work.

Over time I came back to working as a florist…while getting my undergraduate degree then later when I decided to pursue graduate degree in entrepreneurship.

I never thought I would end up selling flowers as my business. But my MSEAT has helped me understand the supply chain, COGS and formulating a business idea.

One of the most important things I have learned is a business must be adaptable. One must be able conceptualize and implement ideas as well as use what is on hand in order to make a successful run of it. 

To me fresh flowers are more than a treat or something give on a special occasion or to say your sorry for screwing up. They are something that can bring a smile, soothe a soul and fill the air with a fresh aroma.

In fact, there are clinical data which have proven fresh flowers boost mood and improve medical outcomes.

There are so many things that we can do every week to treat ourselves. Flowers are but one of them. Flowerfive bouquets are a curated design, stocked on the flower buggy, then ready to go and ready to give.

The flower buggy pops up around Tampa with curated $5 flower bouquets each week.  The flower subscription service is an easy way to have ten or more bouquets delivered to your home or office each week for at least one month.

After popular demand, there are now subscription plans for the individual.  The Individual Plan of three $5 bouquets (designed at one arrangement) delivered each week. Or choose the Indie Light Plan where three $5 bouquets are delivered the first and third Thursday of each month.

For me flowers are way to bring in a blast of color and beauty. They are a way to treat myself or someone whom I care about. My hope is this service will make it easier for you to treat yourself or other folks in your life with the beauty of nature.

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