Valentine's Day

FlowerFive Valentine’s day selection are flower bunches from $5 to $30, arrangements from $40 to $80, Teddy Bears are $5 or $10.

Below are samples and explanations of the Valentine goodies available this year from FlowerFive. Click Here to order flowers for delivery Thursday, February 11, 2021 within a five mile radius of Lowry Park Zoo. I may add Friday afternoon local deliveries as well.

If you are looking to pick up flowers. The FlowerFive flower buggy will be at Starbucks Seminole Heights 502 E Hillsborough Ave. at Central on Fridays from 7:30ish to 10:30ish AM, and Sunday, February 14, 2021 from 7:30am to 12:30ish PM morning buggy shift and from 3:00ish to 7ish PM as the evening buggy shift.

Flower Buggy stop schedule is here Other stops Valentine’s week are as follows: Carroll’s Corner Market South of Gandy on Cherokee at Himes Ave. Saturdays 12:30ish to 2:30ish PM. Chocolate Pi on Florida Ave at Frierson in Seminole Heights Saturdays 4:30ish to 6:30ish PM.

$5 scepter carnations with glitter heart


Affordable and adorable is this $5 flower scepter made from four standard carnations and one glitter heart (no truffles this year).

$10 Gift set: 6″ Teddy, flower scepter and glitter heart

6″ Teddy gift

Give this soft adorable 6″ sitting teddy bear and fresh flowers. (no chocolate this year)
6″ bear actually measure 8″ and are available in three shades of brown.

$15 Gift set: 8″ Teddy, flower scepter and glitter heart.

8″ Teddy gift

Want to go a bit bigger with the plush Teddy? Give the 8″ plush bear (that really measures 12″) in beige or ivory with a flower scepter and glitter heart (no truffles this year).

Custom Gifts are available from $5 to $80

  • Vases are available for a $10 up charge.
  • Roses are Freedom red or assorted colors.
  • Carnations are hot pink, purple or red
  • Teddy Bears $5 for 6″ sitting bear (8″ full length); $10 for 8″ siting bear (12″ full length)