Summer over but heat is still on.

This past week was a challenge getting the flowers with shipping delays. Luckily Tampa was spared any substantial devastation from hurricane Dorian. Flower vending schedule went as planned. But I did have to get out to the wholesaler at 6:30am on Thursday (rather than Wednesday at a reasonable hour) rush home and get the bouquets…

Flower Schedule Due to Dorian

Thursday, September 5 hours will be adjusted because flower shipments are on hold until after Wednesday September 4. I will be at the Starbuck’s location as soon at I can pick up, process and design the flower bunches.

Ybor Market 19.0817

Saturday got off to a late start. But I was still lucky to get under the pavilion. Another vendor was nice enough to share her space with me. It was a good thing too. Because we had a downpour at about 10:30am. I see now why so many vendors opted to be no shows. We…

Rainy Friday

Shout out to Starbuck’s staff from FlowerFive.