Flowers Popping Up

Since my schedule has opened up (laid off the “secure income” job), I have been out and about around Tampa. The goal is to move around to different vending spots on a regular basis. In that way folks in Tampa have more opportunities to get their curated $5 flower bouquets during the week. This week…

Valentine’s Day Best Practices

20.0102 Valentine’s day is one of the busiest days a florist will have during their entire year. It is the day that millions of people buy roses, chocolate and jewelry as an expression of their love and affection. The last year I worked in a flower shop during Valentine’s Day was 2018. It was a…

Love is in the Air

Avoid overpaying for your holiday flowers. Use a local trusted florist.

19.0915 Flower Chronicles

This past week’s weather has been kind in spite of all the storms brewing. It is good to have full use of my Starbuck’s sidewalk spot back. It is great to see regular customers who have decided to make flowers part of their self care and show of affection to others. I was able to…

Summer over but heat is still on.

This past week was a challenge getting the flowers with shipping delays. Luckily Tampa was spared any substantial devastation from hurricane Dorian. Flower vending schedule went as planned. But I did have to get out to the wholesaler at 6:30am on Thursday (rather than Wednesday at a reasonable hour) rush home and get the bouquets…

Flower Schedule Due to Dorian

Thursday, September 5 hours will be adjusted because flower shipments are on hold until after Wednesday September 4. I will be at the Starbuck’s location as soon at I can pick up, process and design the flower bunches.

Rainy Friday

Shout out to Starbuck’s staff from FlowerFive.