Shop Small Now and Beyond

It is that time—the holidays—the favorite of many a starry eyed child as well as the staunchly adult.

Many of us love this time of year; the coolness in the air, the promise of good tidings. Some of us dread the family dinners. But most everyone enjoys the thought of joy which is conferred at this time of year.

Here in Florida it can be difficult to get in the sprit since temperatures are still in the 80’s on some days.

Shopping will be a challenge. Still, I challenge you to shop in your local area, from local small business as much as possible. Many businesses have adopted online ordering and curbside service. They have adapted to overcome the obstacle whose name is COVID 19.

Never while I was young did I hear the word entrepreneur with regard to an owner of a business. In this day and age this term is almost ubiquitous. Business owner, entrepreneur, independent, whichever name you choose they are synonymous with adaptable, intuitive, intelligent people who have decided their happiness with their employment resides in doing their own thing.

There are different reasons for different people for doing this type of work. Some believe it is necessary to be their own boss. Some want the freedom. Some want more money. The converse to this is: all your customers become your boss to a degree. Free time does not equal freedom. More money in business also means more overhead and responsibility.

For me; I NEED to do my own thing mostly because I am cursed with independent thought. As I get older I am finding I need more control over when, where and how I work for health and family reasons.

Apparently my body likes to scream at me a bit. My bones hurt sometimes. I like being outside; yes, even in Florida. It can get stinkin’ hot. But I still like the sun—being in it, not getting it.

Now more than ever I need the comfort to know I am able to help my family when necessary, with or without notice.

I am a creative, conceptual person. I am able to express those attributes in the work I do for myself. I am able to adjust my modus operandi (MO) when necessary, without asking permission.

That is part of my WHY. What is yours?

I salute and support those folks who have chosen to make their own path, who are able to adapt and survive. The shop and share list is still available for download. Please consider shopping and sharing with your network. This will promote local businesses and allow them to continue pursuing their why.

Help support a local small business. Shop, Share Download this list of shops in Tampa.

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