Shop and Share Gift Cards

Times are still challenging. Folks are tired of being sequestered and would like to get closer to some semblance of celebrating the upcoming season. Many small businesses are limping along. Restaurants are highlighted quite often as needing help from the community in the way of gaining patronage. But other shops—local small businesses—need your help as well.

November often marks the official start of the Holiday season…when I was a kid it started after Thanksgiving. These days it starts much earlier. The push for the gift giving season starts manifesting as early as the beginning of October…very odd…to me. But I digress.

Some folks shop super early. But most are looking for that special gift around this time. Many will look to big box stores or in this time of COVID 19 they will shop online and hope to hide the delivery from their loved ones who reside in the same house.

I say let’s focus on local small shops; gift stores, local artisan’s… many like me have lost most of their income due to the shutdowns. Some restaurants and shops have opened—but have done so trepidatiously—with limited hours, limited seating or still only offering curbside service. Let’s work together to help each other.

That is why I, through FlowerFive, have drafted a list of local small businesses who offer gift cards. This idea was sparked after seeing a post on a Facebook group page which read something akin to “let’s shop local businesses this year.” Along that same vein, I have reached out and requested local small businesses to share their contact info if they offer gift cards.

The businesses are mostly in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa. But a few listings are beyond those boundaries. The list is a *.pdf document and is offered as a free download at (on the gift card page) and on social media. I ask that you “Share and Shop.” Share the post via the link and shop the businesses on the list.

If you are in a position to shop this season, consider giving a gift to entrepreneurs as well as to your loved ones. If you are like so many how are still struggling and still would like to spread the love. Consider one of these free ways to lift up local small business:

  • Write a positive review;
  • Tell your friends and family;
  • Follow them on social media;
  • Engage with their posts;
  • Give them a shout out;
  • Sign up for their newsletter.

We are better together—galvanized.

Please help spread the word and keep more holiday dollars local where they are needed most.

Stay safe, spread joy and flower on….

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