Little Things Matter

The flower buggy has been back at large for a couple of months now. But things are still pretty bleak. Many small businesses are still struggling. The wake of COVID-19  is felt most acutely by the bars and restaurants. But the ripples span to your small local business as well. All independently owned shops are having trouble.

Many of us habitually conserve and hunker down during fallow times. We are suffering because we lack social interaction, relaxation and other things which feed our soul. Many are in a chronic state of worry. Some believe it is propaganda. But one thing is certain…we need to support each other.

Civil unrest is at a peak. There are many changes which need to be made. We can all do our part in promoting a more unified, galvanized future for our society.

It can be as simple as smiling to someone you see on the street. Yes, I know we often cannot see the actual smile now. But your eyes will tell the story of the smile your mouth is making.

If you can support a local business who is open but on a shorter schedule visit them for your needs. Restaurants have been hit hard. The supply chain has been disrupted. It is hard to procure certain items. It is scary or at least annoying to be unable to purchase items or go out and have a nice meal.

My challenge to you is to discover (or rediscover) the little shops and restaurants in your neighborhood. Offer your time to someone who needs it. Post things on social media to heal and unify instead of to insight friction. This may sound counter to what many are espousing. There have been great people who promote change absent violence; Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr., the Dalai Lama and other select few.

We are in this mess together. The only way we will survive and thrive is to work together, to be mindful and to resist that knee jerk reaction to be angry. Instead, practice random acts of kindness. Let someone who is having a hard time know you are there for them. Take care of yourself and stay strong. Reach out when possible and be social.

In the spirit of gratitude and sharing I would like to thank the flower buggy host locations for helping me and my business.  Please consider patronizing these establishments.

Carroll’s Corner Market
South of Gandy
3418 W Cherokee Ave, Tampa 33611
Facebook page
Kaleisia Tea Lounge
North Tampa USF area
1441 E Fletcher Ave #101, Tampa 33612
Kaleisia website
Chocolate Pi
Seminole Heights
5207 N Florida Ave, Tampa 33603
Chocolate Pi Shop
Seminole Heights
502 E. Hillsborough Ave.
Starbucks SH Instagram
Circa 1949 Florida Beer Garden
Seminole Heights
6905 N Orleans Ave. Tampa 33604
Circa website

Kudos to the folks who practice flowerishness, here are some customer photos. Thank You for your patronage and sharing.

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