Working Around Lockdown

As many of you are very aware, we are on national lockdown orders. Variations include safe at home, safer at home and perhaps other instructions from state governors telling folks to stay home unless there is a bonafide need to leave.

Under the order leaving your home is okay if you need groceries, the doctor, and exercise. You may also be out and about to walk your pooch. Only “essential” trips are allowed under most Executive Orders in each state. Essential businesses may also be open….That is where it gets tricky. Here is the list of essential businesses information in Hillsborough County with links to more details.

There is a lot of hub bub on when we, as a nation, can safely reopen the economy. It is likely you will hear many different answers to this question depending on who you ask. One thing is certain, some states are moving toward reopening the economy sometime in May.

That is my goal as well…to an extent. I have grown tired of waiting around doing nothing in the way of work. So I have shifted the business model for FlowerFive (Ried Quinn & Company) as a response to the continued moratoriums on businesses which are deemed nonessential.

To that end, I have included local drop off deliveries within five miles of FlowerFive headquarters aka my house one day a week. Pricing structure has been changed in order for this shift to make sense. I have also resurrected a previous gift by mail option of a plush pet Teddy Bears shipped Priority Mail to the continental US.

These changes will start in May. Furthermore, If safer at home orders allow, I will also be offering curbside drive thru service one day a week. Please note, curbside service will observe social distancing guidelines and FlowerFive revert to the use of wax tissue to wrap flowers in light of COVID 19 still being viable on plastic surfaces for three days.

Thank you for your support. Be safe and take care of you.

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