Summer over but heat is still on.

This past week was a challenge getting the flowers with shipping delays. Luckily Tampa was spared any substantial devastation from hurricane Dorian.

Flower vending schedule went as planned. But I did have to get out to the wholesaler at 6:30am on Thursday (rather than Wednesday at a reasonable hour) rush home and get the bouquets made, and get out to my street vending site.

It was odd for me but I felt hot…very hot. I looked at the “feels like” temperature and lo and behold it was stinkin’ 103 (feels like) temp. WOW! I thought summer was over.

Be careful out there folks. It is still so very hot in some parts.

Persevere and flower on!

Flower boxes in the car at 6:30am. Phew. Too early to be out for me.

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